Support young people to change the world

Through the Limit Less campaign, the IOP wants to support young people to change the world and fulfil their potential by doing physics.

However, for some young people this is less likely than for others. The campaign has identified five particular groups that are currently underrepresented or underserved in the physics community –these young people are less likely to do physics and more likely to face a hostile environment when they do. These groups are:

  • Girls
  • Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds    
  • Disabled young people  
  • LGBT+ young people
  • Young people of Black Caribbean descent

To combat this, the IOP is calling on the governments of the UK and Ireland to:  

  1. Revise professional standards for teachers to set out an expectation that teachers will address injustice in their professional practice and actively dismantle any sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism and classism from their own work and their schools.  
  2. Ensure that all teachers are trained to teach inclusively and to tackle injustice so that they can achieve these robust standards. This should be in both their initial teacher education and their continuing professional learning and development.  
  3. Direct those responsible for school inspections to place greater emphasis on the importance of inclusive teaching and schools’ efforts to address injustice.  
  4. Mandate nurseries and schools to develop whole-school equity action plans that:  
  • are informed by ongoing data and evidence collection including students’ choices.  
  • promote equity and equality for young people in underserved groups. 

In all nurseries and schools, the IOP wants to see:  

  1. All staff challenge bias and stereotyping.  
  2. Educators, parents and students develop and implement whole-school equity action plans that provide an inclusive environment and promote equity and equality for young people in underserved groups.  
  3. Those responsible for school governance play an active role in ensuring that equity and equality are promoted in their schools and that inequalities are addressed, including appointing a member with specific responsibility for equality.  
  4. Teachers teach physics and science in an inclusive way that promotes a positive, contemporary view of physics and portrays physicists from a wide range of backgrounds including the underrepresented and underserved groups.  
  5. All young people and their parents and carers receive a high standard of careers advice that includes physics-related career options and promotes studying physics beyond age 16.  
  6. More young people from underserved groups benefit from learning outside the classroom, such as in science or STEM clubs. 

Please sign up to the manifesto today so that we can show our politicians that there is widespread support for improving equity and inclusion across the education sector.

You can sign up as an individual teacher using the form below.

We want as many as teachers as possible to show their support, but it is important that we also demonstrate that schools, nurseries and colleges collectively also support the manifesto.

To officially sign up your institution, a headteacher, principal, manager or responsible member of SLT is required to fill in the below form.

If you are therefore able to sign up your nursery or school, please indicate this in the form below, otherwise please forward this on to the relevant person who can.

To see the schools that are supporting the manifesto for change please click here.

Terms and conditions:

Your name, email address and your role in the school will not be made public. If you are signing up in support of this manifesto on behalf of your school, you are agreeing to have your nursery, school or college’s name publicly listed on the IOP’s website, and will be added to our supporter mailing list where we will contact you about the progress of this manifesto, the Limit Less campaign and any upcoming events, opportunities or resources developed by the campaign.

If you opt out however, we will no longer be able to contact your nursery or school about the manifesto, the campaign or any opportunities we may be able to provide.

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